T Year Educator

Reeja recently completed her third year with merit and is intercalating in Medical Law and Ethics. She is not sure what she wants to specialise in yet, but has come to learn that  medicine is built on the premise "Videre unum, noli unum, docent", that translates as "See one, do one, teach one". Therefore, she wants to focus on medical education and developing her skills as a teacher.  

T Year Educator

Ollie is a final-year medical student. He achieved a first class degree in Neuroscience and Psychiatry, completing a project in clinical education. He has been published and presented at both national and international conferences. He is interested in all things trauma, emergency, wilderness and expedition medicine. 

T Year Educator

Anastasia is a fourth year graduate medical student with a degree from Edinburgh in Neuroscience. During her degree she spent her final year in Sydney, training as a surf life-saver. She enjoys both teaching and research, having been previously published. She is very interested in psychiatry, taking the role of co-president of psychiatry society this year. 

P Year Educator

Kian joined MediLearn to give a helping hand to students entering their clinical years, as he knew how difficult it can be to adjust, having just gone through third-year himself. He has a fond interest in forensic psychiatry and enjoys reading philosophy. His favourite branch of philosophy is existentialism, due to the empowerment of individuals as free agents.